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When people think Valija, they usually think about prints.  You could say we’re sort of print enthusiasts.  With each new collection we like to bring different prints that speak to likeminded tropical souls.  It’s our passion!  However, with the fast pace of the fashion industry and the constant change of seasons, when you come to think of it… that’s a lot of clothes!  What happens to these garments and the extra fabrics that went unused?  That’s when we decided we didn’t want to be part of that problem; especially when there was actually something we could do about it. 

 In our efforts of being part of the solution,we created our best collection yet: The Zero Waste Collection.  This is an ongoing project for us at Valija, that consists of different articles of clothing made from leftover fabrics of our past collections. We will add new styles every now and then, to create innovative pieces for you. It is the perfect way to give new life to older prints and reduce our waste at the same time!  Style can be truly sustainable.

Header text: Zero Waste, sustainable style

Picture of Wally Crop

Scarf Top

Face Masks

Picture of Zero Waste Scrunchies


In addition we’ve added the cutest reusable cups and on-the-go cutlery, to help reduce waste so you can be part of the solution too!

picture of reusable cups, metal straw, and cutlery






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Gisela Redondo González
Gisela Redondo González

June 29, 2020

Where can we find the cutlery??

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