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Sustainability Meets Versatility

by Leandra Sánchez July 28, 2020 1 min read

Picture of Zero Waste Square Scarves together in a circle with different boho prints and colors

As a local brand from Puerto Rico, here at Valija, our love for our island and the planet has pushed us towards becoming a more sustainable company in any way that we can.  From reusing and recycling paper/cardboard in all our stores and HQ to buying in smaller quantities and creating smaller batches of clothes.  We’ve also eliminated plastic checkout bags!  But maybe, the initiative that excites us the most is our Zero Waste Collection (learn more here).  Being able to create beautiful pieces from our leftover scraps of fabric has not only been a great eco-conscious move, but it has been a very fun creative process too!  Within that process we realized that maybe, we could make multi-purpose articles of clothing the same way we’ve given different uses to other materials we’ve had in our stores and offices. 


In today’s global climate, we need to make the most of everything and that includes your clothes! Thus…two new Zero Waste pieces were born:

 The Square Scarf

GIF of ways to style Square Scarf

Sustainability and style mixed with a whole lot of versatility.  You can wear our newest addition to the Zero Waste Collection as a top, crop, bra, scarf… you name it! 


The Fontana Scarf Skirt

GIF of ways to style Fontana Scarf Skirt

A sustainable choice that’s a perfect fit for your lifestyle.  This multi-use Zero Waste skirt will follow you everywhere you go.  As a skirt or a coverup. A little blanket to lie on or even a dress. This skirt is a beachwear must-have!


Need some styling inspo?

Our #ValijaGirl Daymaris Durand (@daymarisdurand) shows us all the ways you can wear the Square Scarf!

Video still of How to wear: Zero Waste Square Scarf YouTube video





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