Unexpected ways of Self Love

by Leandra Sánchez January 25, 2020 2 min read 2 Comments

Image of girl eating breakfast at a table.

When it comes to #SelfLove it doesn't always have to be about meditation at the beach or endless spa days (very cool though).  We can find our own 'self-care rituals' through unexpectedly simple ways. Here are some accessible ways to make self love a daily practice:


Ok, hear us out, it sounds pretty basic (we know).  Still, why do so many of us skip it?! Maybe our 'let's go to brunch' culture has us believing that unless it's not Eggs Benedict with a side of french toast and 2 mimosas, it's not a real breakfast. We're here to tell you 'tostadas con mantequilla' are just as good or maybe even a bowl of fruits (even if you have to take them on the-go)!  Nourishing our body at the very beginning of the day is our first act of kindness.  It's putting our best foot forward.  Es apostar a un buen día.  So go ahead and start stepping up your quick breakfast game!   


It really doesn't take that much; actually, it may even require you to do absolutely nothing.  Being from an island, one would think we're on 'vacay mode' 24/7.  The truth is life in the tropics can get really hectic! Most of us are always coming and going.  We completely understand that just because it isn't a long drive to the beach, doesn't mean we can always go. So we have to accept that recharging doesn't always include drinks & beach views #sad. Sometimes all you need is staying in & maybe reading a book (or not) it's all up to you!   


Ah yes! It's the ultimate and probably most effective form of self love.  When we don't sleep we tend to hate just about everything around us and maybe even ourselves.  We end up being our worst enemy... Let's not do that! Getting a healthy amount of sleep gives our minds the reboot we need to start the day anew.   


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Loeni Lorraine Mendez
Loeni Lorraine Mendez

February 04, 2020

Love it!! reading this was so comfy and fresh, it’s so nice to remind us that always we need to give us self love on every single way!

Maria De Los Angeles Montas-Rovira
Maria De Los Angeles Montas-Rovira

January 28, 2020

Beautiful though! Yes, that’s true! Thank you and wonderful Valija day, Love it : ) ; P !

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