Trend Talk: Wide Leg Pants

by Leandra Sánchez December 08, 2021 1 min read

wide leg valija gitana pants collage

We got 3 words for you: WIDE LEG PANTS.  Trends will come and go, but this one has become a forever-style staple for us.  Why do we love them?  Because they always, always, always look good!  Their versatility makes them a timeless must-have in any closet.  Plus, their flowy hemlines create beautiful femenine silhouettes (talk about channeling that inner goddess).  

 Here are 4 wide leg pants we adore and recommend wholeheartedly:



Sexy open slit? Say no more!

Naranja open slit Pant in black, lime green, and blue



Classic trouser with a flowy boho twist!

Martinique Pant collage in brown, pink, teal green, and baby blue


Party pant for all day AND all night long. 

Ohio Pant in white, blue, and green


The Valija Girl fave... Can't go wrong with the classics.

New Solar Pant in 4 different colors


Ready to find your perfect pair? Click here! 

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