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5 Puerto Rican flowers you should keep your eye on

by Leandra Sánchez March 24, 2022 1 min read

endangered flora by artist flora pal corazon

Crisitna Muñoz on Instagram @florapalcorazon


If you think about Puerto Rican flowers, the first one to pop to your head is probably flor de maga. But what if we told you there are 5 more local flowers that are just as enchanting and in need of protecting…. That’s why this Earth Month we’re kicking it off by mixing our eco-conscious message with vibrant art by a local artist.


@florapalcorazon on Instagram


Puerto Rican artist Cristina Muñoz Laboy @florapalcorazon has dedicated most of her work to creating colorful art inspired by endangered flora.  With us being a tropical fashion brand with a passion for floral prints, this collaboration seemed like a perfect fit.  


Here are 5 endangered flowers illustrated by Cristina:

five endangered flowers


Don't miss our live painting event on April 1st at our Condado store.  We'll be streaming Cristina's process via IG Live. Can't make it? No worries!  For the duration of our 2022 Spring Collection you can find the exclusive Flora pa'l corazón x Valija design art piece in our store windows.   We'd love to see your pics, so don't forget to tag us @valija


Want more flowers? Shop Spring!

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