by Leandra Sánchez May 28, 2020 2 min read

The world we currently live in needs us to change, so let’s do it!  But ‘how’ you ask?  It’s a big question with even bigger answers and in all honesty, a bit overwhelming.  We recognize that in order to impact our planet in a positive way, it requires us to redefine our lifestyles.  That’s why at Valija we say let’s start small.  Let’s make a change that feels real and sustainable.  The only way to do so is by finding ways to consciously tweak our day to day decisions.  

As a local retail company, we may not be qualified to talk about solar energy, gas emissions and whatnot, but we can spark change in the fashion industry and our communities.  So, this is “nuestro granito de arena” ...

Mindful Shopping  

Ok, hear us out.  Think of it like when you want to eat healthier.  Instead of eating a box of cookies, you have a fruit salad.  It’s about choosing the better option.  The same principle applies to shopping.  If you are going to shop, why not support businesses that not only make you feel and look good, but that benefit the planet?  Here is one of our better and most recent sustainable choice:  


Bye as in bye plastic! Hello biodegradable!

You know those plastic bags that we packaged our clothes in? We finally started to get rid of them. 

picture of garment in our biodegradable bag

Don’t get us wrong.  We loved giving you your items all wrapped up and folded like a gift, but we were clear of how damaging they would become for the environment.  We always found ways to reuse them, however, we found a much better alternative: ECOPLAS (a degradable bioplastic made of cassava starch).  This material provides an environmentally friendly plastic solution.  That way we can provide you with a cute package, without hurting our environment.  Our plan is to have all our garments packed in biodegradables by the end of 2021.


Making small adjustments like this, helps us work towards our goals of sustainability.   We can all be part of the solution it all depends on what we choose. 

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