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Collage of our designers at work and their tools.

Meet the Dream Team Behind the Clothes You Love

by Alanis Colina 8 min read

Who is behind the creation of all the clothes we love from Valija? Let’s meet our dream team of Valija’s designers who are the backbone of all the clothes we love.
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Why You Should Start Wearing More Prints

Why You Should Start Wearing More Prints

by Alanis Colina 3 min read

Looking to spice up your everyday outfits? Here, in Valija, we love a good statement piece in our closets. Find out how you start incorporating floral prints into your staple wardrobe!
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Photograph of group of four women embracing each other and laughing in an outdoor terrace.

The Impact of Women Owned Businesses

by Alanis Colina 4 min read

How do women-owned businesses impact younger generations? Discover the inspiring success story of Valija and how it empowers a community of young women to thrive in their dream goals.
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