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endangered flora by artist flora pal corazon

5 Puerto Rican flowers you should keep your eye on

by Leandra Sánchez 1 min read

Conserving our flora for spring? GROUNDBREAKING! Here are 5 Puerto Rican endangered flowers you probably didn’t know. Featuring illustrations by Cristina Muñoz Laboy (@florapalcorazon).

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wide leg valija gitana pants collage

Trend Talk: Wide Leg Pants

by Leandra Sánchez 1 min read

The trend we've been doing since before we knew it was a trend... Get ready to expand your wardrobe with these trendy wide-leg pants.
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Set table featuring vegan tembleque, portobello and dried tomate croqueta, and Kombucha mocktail. Recetas veganas

4 Recetas veganas para tu próxima fiesta

by Leandra Sánchez 3 min read

Vayan prendiendo las estufas.  Algo se está cocinando... Chef Pau Rocío nos prepara 4 recetas fáciles para impresionar a tus invitadxs –– aunque sea "last minute".
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