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Curbside Pickup

It's so simple!

Our New Curbside Pickup Shopping Experience

We know you have a favorite Valija store, the one where you know the #ValijaTeam and they know you! We wanted to make that same experience a bit more special (and all from the comfort of wherever it is that you are). That’s why we are introducing our new and improved Curbside Pickup Shopping experience. We bring your favorite #ValijaTeam to you so you can shop comfortably and safe from home. You'll get an appointment via phonecall (approx. 20mins.) so you can shop with one of your local store's stylists. Together you’ll set up a date to pick up your goodies. You won't even have to step in the store if you don't want to. Personal shopping + styling + curbside pickup? Yes please!

Curbside Returns & Exchanges

• Returns and exchanges are allowed through the curbside pickup system as long as the purchased item(s) is in its original state. Client must have evidence of purchase (receipt) with their person.

• The client must call to notify that they desire to make the exchange or return of their purchased merchandise through curbside pickup. Once established, the day of the exchange the client must call to notify that they are in fact, at the mall’s designated pickup area. So that a member of our team can get the purchased item(s).

• The client does not necessarily have to complete the process from their car. If desired, the client can do the entire transaction in-store.

• Online purchases can be returned or exchanged in-store or through our curbside pickup service