Valija has always been a brand that cares about its community and has always been focused on helping their employees grow personally and professionally.

We have trained our employees to re-use all resources of paper and cartons before recycling, and in the last 10 years we've gone from offering biodegradable bags at checkout counters to recently eliminating all the plastic checkout bags from the stores and offering 100% natural jute bags to their customers; $.25 of each jute bag sold goes to the Puerto Rican environmental foundation OPAS (Organización Pro Ambiente Sustentable).

We are currently working on replacing all our garments poly bags with tapioca made packing bags that are decomposable in a few months. We plan to start bringing our Bali collection pieces in these bags in the Fall/Winter of 2019.


Wildflower Project

Giving is about making a difference. That's why Valija and OPAS (Organización Pro Ambiente Sustentable) came together in 2017 to educate our future generations about the importance of food security in the Island by helping our public school children build gardens in their schools. The students submitted a video explaining the importance of a school garden and bee pollination to improve food security in Puerto Rico, and how they will use and maintain it. Watch the winner school’s amazing video here.

The Terra Project

Valija alongside Loiza Dark and Fundación Kinesis helps Puerto Rican students obtain a college education. During 2018 we raised $6,600 that helped 3 students study at the University of Puerto Rico. Currently Valija keeps selling Loiza Dark to raise funds for Fundación Kinesis' educational goals.

Loiza Dark is a small family-owned organic cacao grower and chocolate maker in Puerto Rico.

Loiza Dark Loiza Dark

Fundación Kinesis is a nonprofit public educational foundation in Puerto Rico, that provides Puerto Rican students with the necessary resources to obtain a highly competitive education that will empower them to help develop a healthy socioeconomic environment for Puerto Rico.

Clean Water for Communities

Clean Water for Communities Clean Water for Communities

Thanks to Waves for Water organization, Valija alongside OPAS (Organización Pro Ambiente Sustentable) installed a water purification system in Eco Escuela Niños Uniendo al Mundo in Rio Cañas, Caguas, Puerto Rico.
OPAS (Organización Pro Ambiente Sustentable) is a nonprofit organization that aims to transform Puerto Rico in a sustainable Island.

Canopy Initiative

Forests provide a wealth of services, from cleaning the air to water filtration, from storing carbon to providing species habitat. We are proud to announce that we have joined the #CanopyStyle initiative to end the use of Ancient and Endangered Forests in our rayon and viscose supply. Valija Gitana will be collaborating with @Canopyplanet and over 170 other global fashion brands on sourcing issues, exploring alternative fibers for viscose production, and forest conservation. Please read more in our policy, here.

For the years to come, we'll support approaches and systems to build a future that does not use ancient and endangered forests in man-made cellulosic fabrics, including rayon, viscose, lyocell, modal and other trademarked brands.

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