Who we are

Valija was founded by two young free-spirited college-graduate Puerto Rican girls who in 1993 fell in love with the bohemian and artistic lifestyle experienced while attending college in New Orleans. As graduation approached, they decided to open a small wholesale business selling jewelry they made with exotic beads and intricate findings they found in the New Orleans thrift markets.

Home sweet home kept calling them and they eventually headed back to Puerto Rico to open their first retail kiosks. They decided they were going to travel the world and fill their kiosks with exotic and unique products acquired through their world travels.

After many years and many bumps along the way, Valija became a small contemporary and unique boho-chic lifestyle brand with now stores, not kiosks, in Puerto Rico and Miami and an online retail store. Now with one of its original founders and a young, hip and dynamic team running the company, it offers the community of women who embrace the love of adventure and travel, value being comfortable and chic at the same time and cherish the mixture of freedom and work-play , unique styles inspired by the endless summer feeling of the tropics.

Standing out from mainstream fashion retailers, Valija provides boutique style, eclectic and unique products our clients won't find anywhere else. We differentiate our brand by choosing our own color palettes, designing exclusive prints, and developing garment collection in limited quantities. Our signature rayon fabrics from Bali are printed and hand dyed with the designs we create. We focus on developing styles that fit the feminine silhouette, ensuring the quality of our products by sourcing unique fabrics and paying attention to construction details.

The management team is 95% women run and the values it holds speak to women’s wants and hearts. We value inclusivity and community over individuality, and we are proud of having a very diverse group of people in Puerto Rico and abroad making all the magic that happens within our teams come to life in our stores. We hope you enjoy Valija as much as we do.

Size Guide
size chart

women's size chart (in inches)

size XS S/M M/L
0-2 4 (S) 6 (M) 8 (L) 10 (XL)
chest 32-33 34-35 36-37.5 39-40 40-42
natural waist 24.5-25 27.5 29-30 31 32
low waist 31-32 33-34 35-36 37-38 39
hips 36 37-38 39-40 41-42 43